This series of photographs is in response to the idea of time and what slowing down means to me as requested by the philosophy club clo circle.

During the creation of this series, I toyed with the concept of time and how abstract the notion is. From one second to the next we exist in constant change, past to present, present to future. 

Photography provides an opportunity to capture a subjective visual memory for select points in time, an aid for memory.

My practice is concerned with the notion of ideal beauty and creating memories that highlight its presence. I collaborated with my friend Bella Thomas to make these photographs which are meditations on being present. 

During the process we literally took our time... Through the viewfinder, I would show Bella the frame I had in mind, take some pictures and then talk about the next idea whilst reloading the camera or assessing the light. It was a slower way to work that gave space to think and enjoy the afternoon.

This move to slow down is especially topical and has been somewhat harder to achieve in our era due to mass media and the constant stimulus we experience daily. 

However, recently I feel the pandemic has caused most of us to do so and we are already seeing the fruits of this act. There seems to be a collective shift in the appreciation of valuing our time and the simplicities in everyday life, which I hope continues.

These photographs use a moment to capture timeless beauty and serve as a memory for time passed.

Thank you to Bella Thomas + Lauren Faye 

I acknowledge the Dharawal People as the continuing custodians of the land of which I live and created this series.  

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